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My first term as an intern in FSH ED couldn’t have been better. Such an amazing team and supportive environment - thanks to everyone that made these first steps such a memorable experience!
— Al, Intern
Big thanks to all the staff at Fremantle hospital for making it such a pleasant and supportive place to work. It’s a genuine pleasure to work with all of you!
Big shout out to the Orthopaedics Reg Zach Sinagra. May be the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever met and he’s doing ortho!
We had a misfortunate homeless patient in ED he saw. Took 30 seconds to decide ideal management, then spent 40 minutes working to sort out the patients social situation to ensure they received adequate follow up! Magnificent example to all doctors, and a good man.
Shout out to both Bec Loo (Dec/Jan) and Sara Pearson (April) for covering for me whilst I had LSL. Both have done an awesome job! Thank you!
— Steph, Allied Health
Thanks to Joseph Kelly for making everyday at work as fun as a day at the park.
Thank you to the Paediatric registrars for all of your great teaching! Best term so far of RMO!
Thanks to the plastics registrars for putting up with my referrals and always offering great advice!
Big thanks to Clare who’s been keeping the Psych team afloat with me and a Reg down with the flu!
Also in general, she’s extremely competent, efficient, pleasant and and an all-round a great person to work with :)
Thanks to the AMU registrars for being such a supportive bunch, and making the busy rotation more bearable!
— Anonymous
I would like to say a BIG THANKS to Meagan Cleary and the Youth Mental Health Team for an amazing job they all do on a daily basis in a very complex and acute setting.

Meagan you Rock as does all of the Team on the Youth MH ward.
— Donna Perceval (aka Don Don), Allied Health
Shout out to our fantastic CNS Belinda Mercer. Melville team, Community Mental Health Service, Fremantle Hospital.
— S
Since its opening FSH has continued to evolve into an incredibly satisfying workplace. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work in such a well supported generous environment. Most pleasingly it continues to grow!
— Consultant
Thanks to Belinda Mercer CNS of the Melville CMHT- great team to work with and making every day enjoyable in the face of daily challenges :)
— Bronagh, Allied Health
Big Ups to our newly formed Exercise Physiology department, who in the last 5 months have provided increased opportunity to exercise therapy for our involuntary patients on W4.1 at Freo Mental Health with awesome results - healthy body = healthy mind :) Cheers Kemi and Bonnie!!!
— Viv, Allied Health
Thanks to all the OTs who work in B block who support one another every time we are short staffed. You do an amazing job of ensuring that patients receive the best care possible and other staff are cared for. Fabulous role model of an effective team.
— Nic, Allied Health
Ibrahim Fleyfal is a champ Reg and an excellent role model :)
— Alex, RMO
I appreciate the front desk staff for the hospitals and clinics - you all do an amazing job keeping everything running smoothly for the thousands of patients that come through the doors on a daily basis.
— Anonymous
I appreciate the person who came up with this idea and put it into action! What a wonderful way to celebrate each other!
Shoutout to Nigel on Helpdesk who is a beacon of positivity and such a pleasure to talk to! He seriously makes every interaction great, even if you’re just ordering a sandwich :)!
— Aurora, Nurse
Sending my appreciation to Chelsea B, RN on ICU who is such a bubbly and amazing person. She’s so knowledgeable and kind, such a pleasure to know her :)
— Anonymous
Thank you for always having a lovely smile Mayoora!
To all the staff on W42 Fremantle Mental health.
I would like to acknowledge all the staff on W42 who have been amazing in positively engaging and embracing the changes we had to make to the ward just before the long Easter break to accommodate a different cohort of patients they would normally take. We found ourselves as a service having to make a extraordinary decision to accept patients from the SMHS area on to the ward that would normally be placed in a different setting within Mental health.
The team as usual approached this issue with the calmness and enthusiasm that you always feel when you enter the ward. The team who had never been in this situation before accepted the challenge confidently and adapted to situations as it arose with solutions that always had the patients safety, wellbeing and recovery at heart.
I can not emphasis enough what a remarkable team you are and great to work with.
— Jane, Nursing Co-ordinator
Shout out to Jane Porter HOD Dietetics for going above and beyond and being such a fearless leader. She cares for all her team and gives them every opportunity to grow and supports them to be better clinicians.
— Libby, Allied Health
Dr Rebecca Pittroff in ED - so approachable and kind, makes every shift a fun experience and alleviates a lot of anxiety, especially for a junior new to ED :)
— Intern
Thanks to Kausalya for checking in on me when I was massively under the pump in ED. I was having a crazy day and the pressure to get patients out of ED was huge. Just knowing that someone else knew what was going on and cared immediately lifted my spirits.
— Chris, Intern
Big thanks to Reg Hendry Ramly for being kind and compassionate to both patients and staff, it definitely helped make our term more enjoyable :)
— Intern
Hey Lisa Mumford,
You brought a palliative lady a lot of comfort last night in ED X
Thank you Jon Chan, Rehabilitation Consultant, State Rehab Service.

You are always supportive & an absolute delight to work with. Hearing your laugh brightens our day. We look forward to your return to Outpatients.
— Consultant
Massive thanks to Mitch Gooch upper GI reg.
The juniors wouldn’t survive that term without his support!
— Intern
Chris Wilson is an absolute legend. He gave me loads of advice (career and personal) and supported me when I was having a bit of a rough time on a rotation a while ago and is always so friendly and up for a chat :)
Shout out to Resp Reg Ben for walking me through my first pleural tap, always having a tute planned and being an all round pleasure to work with!
— Will, Intern
Big thanks and appreciation to the Pastoral Care Team for responding and covering patient and staff spiritual needs!
— Allied Health
I wanted to say a big thanks to my FSH ED team for all the support and teaching they’ve given me so far. I’ve felt so welcomed during my ED term and am loving the teamwork!
— Angela, Intern
Thank you to all the staff in the FSH Emergency Department! You make it such a pleasure to work at FSH, I’m so appreciative of all the support and dedication that everyone shows each day to patients and staff. You all go above and beyond
— Allied Health
Tom ENT Reg.. you do an AMAZING job. We are constantly needling your assistance in ED, be it scoping burns airways or helping retrieve sequins/blue tack/other various foreign bodies from kids facial orifices. Your phone must ring relentlessly but you are always good natured on the other end, and come quickly to help us out! Thank you!
— Registrar
A lovely female Irish ICU registrar gave me a gift and some kind words weeks after I had a particularly sad MET call that we attended for one of my patients. It really lifted my spirits and made me want to be more considerate to my colleagues.
— Helen, Registrar
I’d like to thank my colleague Lois for making work enjoyable. She needs more recognition than she gets
— Peter, Nurse
Colleen Taylor ED- your work on the ED floor showcases your efforts to be thorough, kind, a teacher, a patient advocate, a collaborator and communicator, and a fun team player. We’re so glad you are part of our team.
— Consultant
Thanks to everyone in FSH ED (clinical, nursing, allied, clerks, EVERYONE!). I was so terrified starting working in an ED for the first time ever and everyone made it so easy, calm and enjoyable. I now love it and want to stay forever. I have made so many friends... and one lover 😘 xo
To the ED ANUM group. You guys are an amazing bunch. You work hard every day to keep ED moving so our next patients can get in. You have hard conversations with ED staff, admitting teams, ward staff and CAS. Thank goodness you do what you do. ED needs you. Thank you for pushing for our patients and staying calm (mostly!). I hope everyone remembers to be kind in return. X
— Consultant
Thanks so much to Catherine Jolghazi ED doctor for being such an amazing doctor to work with!
— Vin, Nurse
To the SIMS team, your support is invaluable and allows us to do our job in the safest way possible.
— Registrar
Thank you to the Allied Health Team In ED. You work fantastically hard with difficult and complex patients in a resource limited environment and remain lovely human beings. I love getting to work with you everyday.
— Consultant
Thanks to Megan the upper GI intern for making my day better with her excellent fashion. Loving that blue scrunchie.
— Intern
Shout out to Doug the psych reg! Thank you for making referrals in ED not only easy but educational! Your warm and friendly manner (even on night shifts) was always appreciated.
— Intern
Shout out to Katie the ED reg for being an amazing mentor and role model! I learnt so much working with you and it made my first term as a doctor all the more memorable!
— Brian, Intern
Thank you to every member of staff who make our emergency department’s a mammoth effort by exceptional people and I feel privileged to work there!
— Leigh, Registrar
A big thank you to the ASU team for being so welcoming and supportive & Alice for being the best intern buddy to take on ward rounds with :D You zee best!
— Intern
Thank you to Sonny Bata (Paeds ED consultant)- an all round solid, stand out doctor and amazing individual. You are so knowledgable, kind, patient and fun. You bring so much joy and laughter to our Children’s ED. You are very highly regarded and valued by our ED team- a role model to us all.
— Registrar
I would like to acknowledge the WONDERFUL work of the team in SRSA - Neurology rehab. Everyday I learn something from each team member no matter what role from senior to junior, nursing to allied health - I am a much more informed professional because of you all. Thanks for inspiring me to be the best that I can :)
— Jayne, Nurse
I’m so thankful for all the staff on my ward who are supportive, encouraging and do an amazing job.
— Rach, Nurse
Big shout out to all of our new social work team leaders under our new structure...Wendy, Jen, Jo, Norina and Zoe
6 months in and you are supporting our clinicians beautifully, rostering blissfully and supervising with expertise and wisdom

— JV, Social Work
I want to say a big thank you to Paul Donovan RMO - he doesn’t go a day without smiling and brings joy to every single patient he meets. Keep doing what you’re doing!
— Joe, RMO
Just want to shout out to the Upper GI interns for making this job enjoyable! LOVE you guys LOTS!!!! <3<3<3
— Intern
Shout out to ATay for being such a machine and amazing human xx
— Cat, RMO
Big thanks to the ward 5C nurses, you guys are amazing. Keep up the good work.
— Dan, Nurse
To ED psych liason nurse Bernie - despite such a busy job, you are always happy to assist, provide information, take a referral. Your kindness and positive attitude makes our day in ED so much more pleasant, thanks.
— Consultant
Doctor Leslie

For being a champ and seeing ALL the sick kids on Monday night.
— Registrar
Shout out to ED nurse Kione. You are a fantastic nurse with excellent banter. You go girl.
— Anonymous
To Dr James Hickey,
You took the time to walk your patient out of the department. Taking the initative to do this and the other little extra things you do are what make you a great Dr. You have great communication skills and always ensure that the area leads are kept UTD with what is happening for your patients. You are an example of wholesome, well rounded care. Thank you.
— Larry, Nurse
To all the FSH ED staff. In an unpredictable and pressured environment, I would like to say thanks to everyone from Clerks, Cleaners and Porters to Med Students, RMO’s, Reg’s, Consultants, Allied Health and ALL Nursing staff for making every day I come to work enjoyable. Smiling, being friendly, helping out with jobs that aren’t necessarily yours, coffee runs, welfare checks, support and encouragement for each other as we role progress. Together we all work well as a team and we get the job done. There are quiet a few hard working people who don’t go unnoticed. Keep the communication open and the can-do attitudes and don’t forget no matter the role we all have an important part of how the department flows. Thanks for making the last few years the favourite ones of my working life.
— Nurse
Huge thank you to the cleaning team from serco - it makes my day (and the patient’s day) happier to be in a clean and shiny workspace!
— Allied Health
Kate, Ella, Jack, Kylie, Sam, Vin, Zoe - You’ve each made such a positive difference for me working in ED and, if you didn’t know already, it means everything, I really appreciate it :)
To the ED Regs and Consultants who take the time each shift to have some general chats, laugh and banter, you honestly make each shift that much more enjoyable and you don’t even realise it. Thank you for making an often busy and stressful environment a fun place to work!
A huge thankyou to Dr Ian Dey for his ongoing support and commitment to the nursing staff at Rottnest Nursing Post. We appreciate not only the advice given but his consistently approachable manner. Thanks Ian!
— Nurse
To PLN Jenny at Rockingham ED. Thank you for your consistent hard work. It has been a pleasure working with you.
— Registrar
Shout out to Dr David Kelly at FSH ortho for always being friendly, reliable and just all round great at his job!! Everyone appreciates your hard work.
Thank you to Ann in emergency at rockingham! You have been my support in time of need. I admire you, I am inspired by you, and I appreciate you.
— Tami, RMO
Thank you to Sandy, Eve, Steve, Hiten, Voter, Rod, Both Toms, and Angela for all the consultant support at Rockingham ED. We appreciate your kindness, support, and encouragement.
To all the staff at Rottnest Island Nursing Post and all of the visiting FSH Consultants.
A special mention to Dr Ian Dey who provides support and backup whenever required.
A great team.
— David, Nurse
Thank you to NP Claire at RINP, you are a wonderful role model, amazing with patients and always so willing to share your knowledge!
— Nurse
Thank you Nigel at front desk for your excellent work and for being so friendly on the phone!
Colleen for always being approachable and available to help even when the pressure is on. Legend, making the ED a safer place
— Nurse
Thanks, to the incredible 3B nurses who do an amazing job looking after the tiniest of patients and are always happy to help us junior doctors with both their broad knowledge and kind support!
Shout out to all the nurses in AMU - you are such a hard working, helpful and efficient team! You make AMU an enjoyable term for the JMOs. Thanks!
The Urology team in Freo and RGH are amazing! Big shout out to Hari and Mike for being such brilliant, approachable, and kind supervisors! And my awesome RMO- Aisling! I’m so grateful to have been part of the team in first term!
— YP, Intern
Big shout out to my intern buddy Sharmini! Couldn’t do this job on ASU without you! Thanks for always being such a great and supportive person to work with :)
— Alice, Intern
To my fellow juniors on cardiothoracics, thanks for all the support and laughs on the term. You guys are the best!
— Camille, Intern
Thank you to Dean Choong, ED MO for going that extra mile, over and beyond his medical scope of practice
in order to help a Mandarin speaking, non-English speaking patient in ED ESSU. Not to mention the individualised handwritten asthma plan for that patient! You’re a legend!
— Vin, Nurse
Just want to say thank you to Dr Madison Pierre for her efficient work on Saturday 26th May on AMU.
She made my day by printing all the scripts while rounding so pharmacy could process all discharge meds. I really appreciated how she changed her workflow which allowed me to screen all the discharge scripts and counsel patients within our reduced pharmacy weekend hours! so thanks heaps!!! :)
— Bo, Pharmacist